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5 ways to check the health of your service team culture

Does your service team have a strong culture? If you hesitated while answering this question, you’re not alone. Upmarket facilities might make your team more comfortable, but they won’t help you develop great service culture. Culture can only be...

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Cloud-based ERP system designed for field service operations

Over the past 12 months, COVID-19 has created uncertainty in the business community, some businesses have been severely impacted while others have continued to grow. The economy has been seen Its first major downturn in over 30 years.

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ERP: why security and surveillance distributors need to know about it?

Technology has changed how we work, how we learn, how we’re healed and how we entertain ourselves. All at breakneck speed. This technology revolution hasn’t spared the security and surveillance industry. Innovations such as UHD...

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Solar businesses improve productivity with digital transformation

Why aren’t solar energy businesses as productive in the field as they could be? Issues come in many forms, but they all have the same origin: lack of information. When techs venture into the field, they need the complete job requirements, the correct...

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Technological Innovations in the HVAC Industry

Like everything else, the HVAC industry has become more tech-driven in the 21st century. That applies to the way heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems function, as well as how businesses that install and service that equipment run their...

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Are Toxic KPIs Damaging Your Team’s Performance?

Implementing effective key performance indicators is important to any business that focuses on achieving goals. Using KPIs the wrong way can become toxic and may poison a team’s performance. KPIs are at the top of my list when running a business...

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